Is Lent a season or place or  contemplation? Is it forty days in the desert? A trek to a mountaintop?          Or a journey into our soul?   It begins in ashes – Ash Wednesday, February 22 – and leads to resurrection – Easter, April 9 – God’s life-creating, transforming, resurrection work in our lives.


These forty days take us from the winter snows to green grass and blossoms as they remind us that God always has the power to renew our lives – as individuals and as a church.   By making this journey, we are practicing our responsibility to partner with God in that renewal.  What does this partnering responsibility entail?  We, as individuals and as the church,  must come before God with humility, openness, and commitment.


Humility — God, how do you see me?  What needs to happen in my life? 

  How do you see our church? What needs to happen in our church?

Openness — God, what is your will for me?  For our church?

Commitment — God, whatever you ask of me, of us, I will do, we will do.

Below are links to prayers and printable labyrinths.

Ash Wednesday service

February 22, 2023

Lenten Prayers 2023.pdf
Finger Labyrinths.pdf