Gorham Congregational Church 

What will you experience when you come to the community called 

The Gorham Congregational ChurchJoy!  

You’ll experience joy in our worship.  In the coffee time after worship, you’ll see joy in the smiles and hear it in the laughter.  You’ll also see it if you join with us in one of our many ways of reaching out to care for people in our surrounding community.


Where does this joy come from?  It comes from the experience of living in relationship with God. 


God is not withdrawn, ambivalent or judgmental.  God welcomes us all—each and every person.  We know that God desires relationship with us because God has taken the initiative.  God so loves the world that God sent Jesus, the Son.  Jesus not only taught us how to live as God created life to be lived, Jesus gave his life for us.  And when he rose from the dead, he overcame all the forces that create brokenness in our lives.


His daily presence is like bread.  It feeds, nourishes, and creates new life.  And he invites us to join in his mission—honoring God by humbly serving and supporting others.


We invite you to join with us.  Discover joy in the grace, acceptance, wisdom and mission that flow from Jesus’ presence in our lives day by day.